60 West Hawley Road, Hawley, MA 01339 - (413) 339-4313 - ellen@chickley.com

Chickley Alp Farm

Enjoy the sweet and natural maple syrup from Chickley Alp Farm of Hawley, Massachusetts. The Purinton family has owned this maple sugaring farm since 1983. The farm encompasses more than 500 acres of land that runs for a mile along the Chickley River. Every spring we are fortunate to be joined by family, friends, and neighbors who drop by to lend a hand. Hard work, camaraderie, comfort food, stories and laughs are all part of our maple sugaring experience. We pride ourselves in creating the most delicious and pure maple syrup (no additives or preservatives) the old fashioned way – using a wood fired arch.
Availability of Our Product
All of our maple syrup is made on our farm. Every spring we produce several hundred gallons of maple syrup. We will run out of maple syrup. Some years it lasts until the beginning of maple sugaring season (March) and some years we are out by Christmas. We will never buy someone else's maple syrup and re-can it as our own. 
When our inventory gets low, our on-line ordering shuts down. But, our maple syrup will still be  available at our farm and at the Cold River Package and Market until it is all gone.